Two Steps For Hiring Move-In Cleaning Services

Two Steps For Hiring Move-In Cleaning Services

Between packing boxes, changing addresses and scheduling moving vans, moving into a new home brings a very long to-do list with it. With everything going on, the last thing you want to have to stop and do is deep clean your new home. While cleaning the home yourself is an option, it may not be ideal or even possible among the moving chaos. Instead, simplify your move and hire a reputable professional cleaner to do the work! Several companies in the metro Atlanta area offer move-in cleaning services that allow new homeowners to check cleaning off the to-do list and fully focus on the rest of their move.

Deep Home Cleaning

While your new home may have been cleaned prior to sale, it’s always a good idea to hire a cleaning service to give it another deep clean before moving in. Since people often move out of their home quickly, it’s unlikely that the previous owner was able to thoroughly clean the home as well as they should have.

Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures all areas that were previously unnoticed are taken care of and the home meets your cleanliness standards. Typical move-in cleaning services include vacuuming and washing floors, wiping down baseboards, scrubbing bathrooms, sanitizing sinks and countertops, cleaning appliances and dusting extensively. Services vary between each cleaning company and may include additional services or premium cleaning packages. Most cleaning services charge by the hour or by square footage.

For harder-to-clean features such as carpets, you may want to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to provide a deeper clean. Regardless of how pristine the carpet looks when you move in, you can never be sure how the previous owner maintained it. Carpet is notorious for harboring allergens, odors, germs and stains that aren’t always visible. A professional carpet cleaner can remove those particles with ease and give you peace of mind!

Recurring Cleaning Services

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to keep up with regular home cleaning and maintenance. Luckily, most cleaning professionals also offer recurring cleaning services that help homeowners, or even renters, keep their home looking just as clean and beautiful as the day they moved in. Recurring cleaning services can be performed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your preference or need.

If you’re happy with your initial move-in cleaning, ask the cleaning company what regular cleaning services it offers. Most recurring cleaning services have a checklist of services they perform during every cleaning visit, along with a list of services that are performed on a rotating basis.

If you purchased a new construction home, it’s likely that your builder hired a cleaning service to clean your home post-construction or just before closing. However, many homeowners still choose to do a light cleaning just before move-in to ensure everything is sanitized and sparkling. This initial cleaning can kick-start your recurring cleaning service, which will help extend that ‘brand new, just moved in’ feeling!

Having a move-in cleaning or recurring cleaning service will make moving into and living in your new home a little bit easier. Be sure to research cleaning services in your area in order to hire a reputable and experienced professional that you can trust. Sites like Yelp, HomeAdvisor and Angies List can provide recommendations and reviews, or a simple Google search for ‘cleaning services near me’ or in the city that your new home is in will give you plenty of options to choose from!