25 Things to Love about Atlanta

25 Things to Love about Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, pulses with energy and embraces its rich tapestry of history, culture, and innovation. It offers a multitude of reasons to fall in love with it. From its lush urban landscape, which earned it the moniker “The City in a Forest,” to its diverse culinary scene and vibrant festivals celebrating its multicultural populace, Atlanta captivates residents and visitors alike.

Atlanta City in a Forest

Whether you’re exploring its eclectic neighborhoods, cheering on its sports teams or immersing yourself in its thriving arts and entertainment scene, Atlanta exudes charm and charisma at every turn:

  1. Atlanta’s lush urban landscape earns it the nickname “The City in a Forest,” with nearly half its urban expanse draped in flourishing trees.
  2. From Southern soul food to international delicacies, Atlanta’s culinary scene offers a gastronomic adventure with options ranging from cozy neighborhood haunts to top-tier gourmet venues.
  3.  A diverse and inclusive city, the ITP and OTP regions feature a rich lineup of restaurants, businesses and events that ensure everyone has space to be themselves in the Peach State capital.
  4. Each of Atlanta’s neighborhoods boasts a distinct personality, from Little Five Points’s vibrant, eclectic energy to the historic beauty of Ansley Park. The city boasts 242 distinct neighborhoods! Visit the Atlanta News page to get to KNOW each corner of the Intown and metro area.
  5. Home to five professional sports teams, including football, baseball, basketball and soccer, Atlanta ensures sports enthusiasts have ample action year-round.
  6. From technology and healthcare to finance and entertainment, the city offers its residents diverse industries and a wealth of job opportunities.
  7. The city has impressive amphitheaters, such as the Lakewood, Ameris Bank and Chastain Park Amphitheaters, hosting world-renowned concerts and events year-round.
  8. From upscale shopping in Buckhead Village to eclectic boutique finds in Virginia-Highland and The Krog District, Atlanta offers shopping experiences to suit every taste and budget.
  9. Atlanta encourages a healthy and active lifestyle through amenities like the 22-mile BeltLine trail, inviting residents to walk, jog and cycle through diverse neighborhoods, parks and commercial areas.
  10. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, serving over 100 million passengers annually, is a vital transportation hub connecting Atlanta to destinations worldwide. Click here to prep for your next flight out of Atlanta!
  11. Atlanta is the birthplace of Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most popular and recognizable brands, and is consumed in over 200 countries.
  12. Did you KNOW Atlanta has earned the nickname “Y’allywood?” Georgia’s capital city ranks third in film production in the United States, with its industry experiencing rapid growth and attracting filmmakers worldwide.
  13. Home to one of the largest conventions in the country, Dragon Con annually draws over 80,000 attendees dressed as superheroes, supervillains, anime characters and everything in between.
  14.  Living up to its role as the capital of the Peach State, Atlanta boasts over 70 streets bearing the word Peachtree, making it a peachy-sweet place to visit and live.
  15. Atlanta proudly honors its legacy as the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., with landmarks like the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site preserving his legacy and contributions to the civil rights movement.
  16. The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is the largest in the world, offering visitors an awe-inspiring journey through aquatic wonders.
  17. The Varsity, founded in 1928, remains an iconic institution. It serves classic drive-in fast-food fare, such as chili dogs, onion rings and frosted orange shakes, and nostalgia to generations of Atlantans. Click here for more mouthwatering Atlanta food recommendations!
  18. The annual Atlanta Film Festival showcases international films and is recognized as a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards, highlighting Atlanta’s vibrant film culture.
  19. The Atlanta Braves, established in 1871 as the Boston Red Stockings, are the oldest continually operating professional sports franchise in the United States.
  20. The High Museum of Art in Atlanta is celebrated as the South’s premier art museum and ranks among the most visited museums globally. It showcases a diverse collection of artistic masterpieces.
  21. Every Fourth of July, the city hosts the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race, the largest 10K race in the world, drawing runners from far and wide to participate in this iconic event.
  22.  Did you KNOW the city’s symbol is a phoenix? The fiery bird representing resilience and rebirth is the perfect emblem to represent Atlanta’s many chapters of change and historical growth.
  23. Atlanta’s renowned parks, including Piedmont Park, Stone Mountain Park and the Botanical Gardens, offer residents and visitors expansive green spaces for relaxation, recreation and the appreciation of nature’s beauty.
  24. Zoo Atlanta has been a family favorite for decades. It provides entertainment and opportunities to learn and appreciate wildlife in a beautiful natural environment.
  25. In addition to Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory, Georgia State, Kennesaw State and the University of Georgia, the Atlanta region includes more than 57 colleges and universities, making Atlanta a dynamic place to pursue higher education.

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