Metro Atlanta Guide to Utilities

Metro Atlanta Guide to Utilities

Before you even put the key in the lock of your new home, you have to prepare the property for your arrival. This means getting all of your utilities up and running as soon as possible after your home closing. Here in metro Atlanta, there are a number of services you’ll need to set up as a new homeowner in the area. Be sure to put these on your list as you begin the process.

Natural Gas

While metro Atlanta may have a temperate climate, you’ll definitely want to warm your home when the mercury dips during the winter months. Also, natural gas is one of the key methods for water heating, cooking, clothes drying and more. You’ll need to select a natural gas provider as you begin arranging your utility service. There are a few key providers that serve the metro Atlanta area, and you’ll want to do some research regarding rates, customer service offerings, possible discounts and more. Fortunately, most natural gas providers today allow you to learn about their service and sign up online, making the process quick and convenient.

Did You Know? Georgia deregulated its natural gas market in 1998. Atlanta Gas Light owns and controls the natural gas pipelines; natural gas marketers work with the company to access the pipelines and then provide gas rate plans and services for customers. Companies like SCANA Energy offer both fixed-rate and variable-rate plans depending on your needs.

  SCANA Energy: 877-462-2262


Accounting for 48 percent of household energy use in Georgia, electricity needs to be at the top of your utility service list. Depending on where your home is located, you have options when it comes to selecting your energy provider. You can select a company like Georgia Power, which is the largest subsidiary of the Southern Company, or you may want to consider one of the many Electric Membership Cooperatives (EMCs) that also provide electricity across the metro area; these member-owned non-profit utilities serve more than four million customers and are part of the Georgia Electric Membership Corporation. Again, you can research provider options online.


With the metro Atlanta area being so large and comprised of so many cities, towns and municipalities, it’s no surprise that there are various entities that provide water and sewer service. Typically, your home will be serviced by either the county water authority or, if you live within city limits, the city government. If you are moving into a previously owned home, the former owners should be able to provide you with information. If it’s a new home, the builder can point you in the right direction.

Phone, Cable and Internet

These days, phone, cable and internet service is just as important as every other utility in your home. In metro Atlanta, major service providers like Xfinity and AT&T are going to be the most common options when it comes to selecting your service, as they cover the entire area. Some counties do offer alternatives, giving you the opportunity to personalize your selection and ultimate service. As with all other utilities, a bit of online research can make the process fast and seamless.

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