Find Total Support Through the Relocation Process with the EasyMove Program

Find Total Support Through the Relocation Process with the EasyMove Program

When you get ready to relocate to and purchase a home in metro Atlanta, you know that you’ll be dealing with a number of professionals throughout the entire process. From real estate agents and mortgage brokers to inspectors and appraisers, you will encounter a host of individuals, all of whom have copious amounts of information for you to consider as you make pivotal decisions along the way. Honestly, it can be overwhelming. You might even wish you had a single point person who could help you manage everything that’s coming your way. Someone who understands all of the details associated with relocating to a new city. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the Atlanta real estate market. Someone who can lead you in the right direction when you’re not quite sure what to do next. Someone who has your back and your best interests in mind. Fortunately, that’s exactly what KNOWAtlanta Real Estate Services can provide you with through the new EasyMove Program.

in late 2018, the EasyMove Program is a truly unique real estate-based service
helmed by KNOWAtlanta Real Estate Services’ managing broker Joel Strimban and
director of operations Brad Harper. Together, they have assisted a multitude of
individuals and families as they have relocated to the metro Atlanta area. They
have now taken their more than 25 years of experience and turned them into an
innovative program unlike any other. And what sets the service apart is that
the goal is not simply to sell you a house in Atlanta—the goal is to provide
comprehensive guidance as you navigate the entire relocation process from
beginning to end. The best part is that the service is free of charge.

all begins when you submit an online profile, providing information about you,
your family and your relocation and home buying needs. You will be matched with
a personal, dedicated EasyMove relocation advisor, who will contact you within
24 hours to review your profile, discuss your preferences and answer any
questions you may have about Atlanta and its surrounding communities, including
details about the metro area’s counties and cities, the school systems, the
local real estate market and more. But that won’t be the last time you speak to
that particular advisor; in fact, that individual will serve as your advisor,
act as your partner and advocate on your behalf throughout the entire
relocation and home purchasing—or renting—process. From the moment you connect,
your advisor will begin working, taking you through finding a mortgage lender
and completing the pre-qualification process, helping to place you with a
proven and experienced real estate agent who will assist you in your home
search, walking you through property valuations with licensed brokers and
appraisers and offering counsel as you interact with the many people involved
in what is one of the most important purchases of your life. What’s more, your
advisor can provide information about the specific area in which you choose to
live, explaining any special regulations, taxes, forms and procedures needed to
complete the purchase of a home there. And throughout the experience, the
EasyMove Program will help you control the costs associated with buying a home,
from earnest money and a down payment to inspection and appraisal fees and
closing costs.     

When you leave the closing table, you don’t leave the EasyMove Program behind. KNOWAtlanta Real Estate Services will remain in contact with you and will be happy to answer questions or address concerns even after you’ve settled into your new home. It’s like having a good friend who’s only a phone call away, there to help at any time. That’s because the KNOWAtlanta Real Estate Services team is on your side from day one, allowing you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are not only getting the most for your real estate dollar, but also that you’ve made the right move in more ways than one.

For more information about the EasyMove Program or to get started with your own relocation advisor, call (678) 832-2854 or visit